• woakland.mp33:50


sunstar rises shaded over woakland
west coast casual no notion late
blondie cracks deposits in the joke fund
inciting one more who’s/to/blame debate
hipster smiles still wrapped in package plastic
celebratants from one trick towns east zone
pilgrimaging silicon monastics
tattoo masked/ coordinated tones
searching algorithms for meaning of life links
weeding out the tangents from the florals
subjugating cravings to dietary kinks
retro-fit with second hand bought morals
demographic deck two time cut/the/cut trick shufflers
new suits without a card below a ten
dealers tuck their tips like pole dance hustlers
and triple time the ante with a platinum-plated grin
keep the pace or place your stuff in storage
anticipate the quake or disappear between the cracks
buffet by way of midday dumpster forage
retirement by lay on railroad tracks
professional protestors paid per hour
rent a megaphone for extra fee
volume more than purpose lung the crier
slogan scribes for hire root the tree
officers only honored at city sanctioned ‘rades
impromptu expressions exclusively anti-establishment
with every accusation faith in fairness further fades
anarchists blow their told/you/so’s to rally brother banishment
mayor’s got a parrot for a spokesman
two tongued with silver fittings for a beak
pressboys origami facts from fiction
but blondie’s on a four day boycott streak
gather by the water on picnic blanket patches
no traffic for the roll and smoke commute
critter gaze and marvel at the variance of batches
opine sans provocation on the deity dispute
the glass cased Grand cathedral dares the stoners to indulge
though vandalism scratches are insured
so they pass a signed petition for the clergy to divulge
their authorship of insurrection stirred
the broadway/ twelfth street beat patrol is never disappointed
though company there kept is best kept salted
brash barkers man their posts like knights anointed
while the lucky half cast lots for debts defaulted
the off the grid delinquents mind their manners
while off the clock protectors cash their chips
hot tubs steam too discreet for proof demanders
at addresses unmarked against loose lips
the moonrock warns the hourglass forsaken
countdown of shadow coverage for the vamps
first glint of sunstar stowaways awaken
disinterested in clouds beyond their camps
mad cyclists race wild down international
lamenting lack of prescribed medications
spewing blue-laced tirades barely graspable
doomsdaying further withdrawal implications
the royals loiter freely in the courtyard
bus stop benches perma occupied
shaded sidewalk slated for the vanguard
muni organizers bona fide
seasons shift with subtle breeze inflections
while palm readers on backpage predict what the wind portends
as benchwarmers brace for further dream defections
and blondie racks the focus of her lens