werewolf me with your howlin fangs
stomp my shine by hyphy dance
lap the sweat that beads my bangs
credit check my power stance
gauntlet beat god radar blips
post with haste my soul sent stamps
puff the pipe with pastor lips
invest faith not in moonlit lamps
number your neurons alphabetically please
we wanna be tight with the tit-twisting blame
hark how they billy’d the goat for the cheese
replay how we O.J.’d the chief with the dame
swim for the swami with crystal unclouded
unhook the hung hat of the pontiff perceived
flash me a badge and I’ll ticket your circus
flower the caskets of futures bereaved
prepare bloody rare the Tenderloin tips
buyer beware the stock of the streets
padlock the chastity belt ‘round the hips
grind up the key with the Space Burger meats
tongue tie the Tribune town crier
muzzle the muckraker media sluts
tumble dry low the Valhalla denier
cock-block creationist ark-building nuts
cash the masseuse with a lotioned-palm slap
green card your midnight Skype call to Manila
encourage the Curry barrage with a clap
handcuff your kid to an endangered gorilla
hijack a tug from the pier to the port
castrate the cranes so they can’t multiply
compost a conex of silent support
recycle your most polite putdown reply
Miranda right self-righteousness
quid pro quo the concept respect
conscience-cam thy neighbor less
rent control your rank expect
then tango solo ‘cross the bridge of the bay
to alcatraz celled inhibitions
sequoia proudly each pawn took play
and wiki not dead definitions

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