full lyrics:

they used to tell me

I was livin' the dream

keepin' pace ahead of the pack

when winds would shift

I'd simply tighten the slack

to keep it blowin' strong on my back

I used to strut the street

with swagger and flair

rascal full of devil may care

the one they called

when the doin' took dare

so how'd I get to here from there?

once I scaled a mountain

when I was young

felt for like a stroll than a climb

now only fadin' photos

proof of my prime

brother can I borrow some time?

once I raced a rocket

just for some fun

around a rainbow over the sun

go and ask that rocket

he knows who won

but now my racing days seem done

you prolly don't remember

how I played the game

they cheered my name

in chants that would rhyme

washed out with the tide

has any trace of my fame

brother can I borrow some time?

once I loved a lady

thru August from June

we danced all night by light of the moon

you'd recognize our song

now it’s a classic tune

why'd the leaves change color so soon?

I confess I don't care

where all the mula went

to hoard it would have been the crime

but if ya got some sand to spare

mine's all spent

this hourglass is outta time!

Melody & composition based on the classic "Brother Can You Spare A Dime" written by E.Y. Harburg & Jay Gorney. All of THESE lyrics written by Brian Waksmunski.