Full lyrics:

home a' comin's Uncle Ned

on a Zephyr from the West

haulin' a load a Yankee Lettuce

in a locked up Lou'siana chest

Monte cheat of the Main Street

bilkin' bandit of the mine

here's a comin' Uncle Ned

with a sack a Sacramento Sunshine

whole town's a turnin' out

at the station since the dawn

war hero's reception

for a widow-makin' prodigal son

counts his Kates by the dozen

wanted posters by the pair

all hail Uncle Ned

and his steamer trunk of Rocky Mountain air!

he’s my Mama's baby brother

she says I got his restless eyes

Papa calls him "good-fer-nuthin"

and my Daddy never gambles drinks or lies

sent a picture Summer past

holdin' a pistol in his hand

now's a comin' Uncle Ned

with a satchel full of California sand

Mama's dressed us in our church clothes

though it ain't the Sabbath day

only the best for Uncle Ned

and his fortune on their way from Santa Fe

train's a pullin' to the platform

with a whistle and a whine

Uncle Ned lookin' fine

in a coffin box of Colorado pine

Butternut's last ride

on the Nashville- Chattanooga Line!