full lyrics:

wise colonels

choose well battles

to win wars

while savvy salesman

check for polished knobs

before knockin' on doors

only a fool dares interfere

between big Bluto and his blonde

or tries talkin' sense

to a sophist on his pond

takes plated pearls

to call a bluff while bluffin' too

unbias eyes to recognize

the winnin' hand's a point of view

there's less style to the artful dodger

more story to the artless conned

but water's still most mist and mirrors

for the sophist on his pond

all cheer the seeker

undeterred by dead-end trail

no one can succeed so they say

til fabulous they fail

much easier life meaning question

than to high calling respond

as effortless as is the treading

for the sophist on his pond

who cast the curse

the begrudged witch or broken wand

who saved the world the holy mother

or her sacred offspring spawned

don't mind albacore with my mercury

it's of the fishing I'm not fond

must need to squint from high-tide puddle

to view big ocean beyond

let for bus fare

all spare possessions be now pawned

don't wanna see obstructedly

when light of Truth has dawned

I recommend respectfully

that you most rapidly abscond

better adrift uncertainly

than moored and ignorance embalmed

on Sophist Pond!

on Sophist Pond!

on Sophist Pond!