• epochal whir.mp32:42

epochal whir

legend making truish story
early june of sixty four
laying live ‘Right Now’ recording
san fran bebop
broadway Workshop
moanin’ out the sweat
fronting fresh improv quintet
meditating mid riff over bear sized
e.h. roth carved bass
black bullwhip loose coiled by his stool
emanating genius icon cool
loud metal fan relief whirring
barkeep pulls plug kills the buzz
mingus lika grizzly beestung roars
reaches for that braided hide
while the snare ratatats that beat
cracks it lika master tamer
saxophones wail through the heat
hollers “that boy’s in the band tonight!”
barkeep turns a scarlet shade of white
rushes to reverse the sin
bullwhip drops to floor
fat fingers return to strings
falling in flow seamlessly as
to Ming Kong the brass and drums defer
strumming off the treble of the whir
moon compassed unto the breach
lost in maze of slopes
alleyway spelunking north beach
censusing the saintly punk monk popes
paranoid that concentration
means ‘right now’ discrimination
complimenting details lost to crop
ham bone flavor siphoned from the slop
strutting street prince passes me on sidewalk
tunes from his mini boombox scratchy soar
profane truthtalk poetry
with hiphop heartbeat score
old me instinct cringes at the noise
hopes his duracells die
or a downpour radio destroys
now me envies grand scheme recognizer
wise gets it modern Mingus realizer
knows song is just a part of moment’s soundtrack
enhancing and enhanced by
live surrounding singing scene
the coot chirp horn beep heel step child weep
even haunting humming from the phantom fan’s ghost whir
no bouncer by the mind’s backdoor
soundwave sans segregation
washing over us as one orchestral stimulation