full lyrics:


a message came by mail

the other day

an order to at once

cease and desist

maybe they got the address wrong

I'm more the type

to rise and to resist

pride river pulses thru me

like thru canyon gapin' wide

canyon that's all of mountain

that remains

river what's left

where glacier did reside

onward it flows

never to be denied

a voice came thru the phone

the other day

a warning not to

clench or shake my fists

maybe they got the number wrong

I'm not the breed

who by your leave exists

lost memories

like lanterns burn my mind

luring me in and out of

mine shaft maze

was boarded and abandoned long ago

maybe there's diamonds still to find

only one way to know

town crier by my window

other day

declared dire and futile

to persist

maybe he took a wrong turn

back aways

I'm not the kind

impressed that you insist

rode by a billboard sign

that read "Obey"

four letters

capturin' zeitgeist today

but no knot you can tie

says I

these hands cannot untwist

rather than offer

for your ropes my wrists

rest assured

I shall rise

and resist!