• myrtle & gallows.mp31:58

myrtle & gallows

i the island illusion
space wasting pace interruptor
collector of coins paid for karma
best of intentions corrupter
possessions in piles of debris
sprawled putrid corpse worn for worse
social reject gutter-exiled
hitching for a ride backa hearse
i the island uncharted
stain of an obstacle gallows & myrtle
artfully high-stepped in perfectform stride
by equestrians seasoned to hurdle
no more of a hassle than muttshit
just a messier smudge to unsmear
forgotten before the next corner
plight mirage that’ll soon disappear
i the island deserted
littered with remnant regrets
messages scattered unbottled
dreams in drift piles of forgets
stopover on passage to nowhere
volcanic mistake out of place
awaiting the shift change vixen parade
leaning ‘gainst wrought iron lace
punctually prompt past the playground they sway
congeniality muses for pay
navigating the puddles of me
with catwalk-blistered steps
pushups pumps props in fat purses
false faces already applied
crossing the street to New Century
where they slip through a door on the side
i the island habitable
with elbowed bridges flexbent
suspensions of faith for the transient
last resort of the portless percent
weakened at joints from disappoints
to mid-life disrepair
sagging and swaying on verge of collapse

in the Tender’s evening air