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c.e. candidates

garden party atmosphere in the penthouse suite
who’s who rubbing whatnots with the town car class elite
balcony with vaster view than knew the ancient kings
a god type perch for doing god damned things
down here on street level there’s a rally of some sort
speaker peddles promises to status quo distort
buyers pay applause and time for bargain discount hope
meds from feds dosed audibly to social sadness cope
job posting for president
on craigslist U.S.A.
casual encounters page
election day soiree
double tongued big talker wants to make decisions for me
says he’s got the seasoning and I don’t got the time
tells me there’s a plague but good news! he’s the remedy
as his toxic words the breeze swept air begrime
lambs instinct from birth to seek security from rams
while alpha wolves compete to poach the sheep
to me roles of the pasture seem a lot like cyclic shams
a sucker system whole-sold on the cheap
job posting for president
democracy or bust
resumes irrelevant
lies beget from trust
three hundred million nation population
can’t come up with thirty-two can play pro quarterback
the pocket gets too hot under the pass rush
as the huddle plan for glory turns to fortune flushing sack
the secret’s not the scheme but the contingency
the talent’s not the arm but the unflapping
the currency’s the calm in anxious instancy
the ideal package buddha mind in herculean wrapping
the three cheered victor quarterback risks all the dents and dings
while unauthorized biographers expose his armor’s every chink
but the O.C. in the booth still gets to wear the golden rings
and knows the hero crystal isn’t worth the public clink
more dire is the “right stuff” dearth in politics
blooper ballot listing not one worthy white house resident
look like two bags of prunes mislabeled trail mix
sound like snake oil salesmen hawking hurricane-proof tents
where you wonder went the best and brightest
well that penthouse was not built to bunk the staff
why don’t they show job interest in the slightest
ceding instead to Sec. Macbeth & Donald J. Falstaff
job posting for president
negotiable qualifications
stockholder discretion
subject to market fluctuations
chess board battle played with checkered pieces
blemished dollhouse stand-ins for the queens
donor dinners influence increases
as shadowed fingers string the figurines
crowded there behind the drawn-closed curtain
those best & brightest make their bankrolls rain
calling plays without regard for rulebook
as campaign donated strawberries fizzle their champagne
debate duel set for live-action aristocrats
dirty joke turned comic tragedy
bonfire of insanities of plutocrats
e pluribus unum atrophy
job posting for president
moth tendencies preferred
‘fore the spotlight’s bright and never dims
center stage in this theater of the absurd
job posting for president
on craigslist U.S.A.
casual encounters page
election day soiree