Samba do Ayauasca

stars for brain chained child are compass
not nostalgia gallery
future view a plan of action
not a passed on memory
this she knew as went to gather
fallen fruit from mango tree
soft to touch and ripe and ready
basket heavy cared not carry
left by trunk who knew so easy
running under dark of evening
journeying to mythic river
wide and posturing of power
but she trusted how it curved
sensing current, moved against
spotted jaguar and chased
pursuing to shaman fires
built by fingers mud empowered
shadow outlines timeless traces
across undiluted faces
daring not raise spear to spirit
royal of origin races
passing vine intoxicants
wailing first song ever chants
but the goddess sang in silence
as she released slow to dance
feet and hips flowed to their cadence
til she seized the mother role
and their fevered yelps followed
unchained crescendo from her soul