(read for Quiet Lightning 2/7/22 and published in Sparkle & Blink Issue #113)

maybe we can tape

this busted on delivery

day back together

the Three Rings liquor store

I know sells some

they're open now

I get my wine there

bought some at least once

'bout every time you can

been the first ring of the register

last jingle of the bell above the door

I've seen tape in there I'm sure

on one shelf or the next

near the fridges with the six packs

and the frozen mini pizzas

by the bottles of the Mickeys

and the gallon jugs of milk

they got tape in that store somewhere

prolly glue and staples too

by the little shot-sized bottles

meant for budget cocktail mixing

it would not surprise me none

to see for sale a caulking gun

energy drinks are big sellers

they stock up a sure supply

and the lotto ticket machine

always seems to have a line

maybe I remember seeing

on a hook some tape sold there

well we oughta check it out

if we set our minds to repair

what we've woken up to broken

either that or back to sleep

slip on flip flops there's no dress code

let's to liquor store escape

one aisle or another

there we'll find

this day's required tape