full lyrics:

hey hey, pretty lady

what's the cold shoulder for

there's a whole lotta kinds of currency

and I'm only money poor

y'know laughter can be the best medicine

like to hear an inside joke

of all the guys and gals sittin' in this bar

you're with the only one showed up broke

I always take my mornin' one-a-day

to maintain dexterity

too bad no vitamins help overcome

a dollar deficiency

my mama said when God was rationing

I scored a double porsch of panache

but only thing that buys is time

and even that costs less in cash

maybe you'll find some peace of mind

in "any port's better than the storm"

though I guess by that glare you're wearin'

now's more exception than the norm

I heard once said that better

than bein' good

sometimes is havin' good luck

so let's just count our blessings

there's a crowd

while I slip out to my truck

take your sweet time with that Corona

no cause to waste quality

but if the waitress gets distracted

chug-a-lug and follow me

I'll have some outlaw country cued up

with the engine revved in gear

if ya decide to stay, as the French say

a'tout a'l'heure my dear

experts agree rare gems like me

we're worth our weight in pyrite ore

billion bouillon by potential

slightly less by credit score