full lyrics:

Silenus slumped in my saddle

departure day wagon train

each twenty mile make a dollar

breakfast of dust, dinner rain

my Stetson keeps out the news

my Hyers keep out the mud

I stay one stride 'head the devil

on my Arabian stud

what kinda people head West

the kind with nothin' to lose

the kind you won't even miss

Wagon Boss blues

street preacher says spirits weaken

strength comes from burden of cross

sermon for suckers he's speakin'

pour me that rock and rye sauce

gimme my fee half before

to pay barkeep what I owe

the rest in Williamette Valley

to lose at 'Frisco faro

what kinda Moses they hire

the kind who gamble and booze

who grins at crack of gunfire

Wagon Boss blues

goodbye to St. Louie Susie

don't think that she gonna wait

but out Laramie there's Laura

and up in Denver wild Kate

Love is a map marked with treasure

black X's all in wrong spots

by hour company better

than left alone with my thoughts

what kinda wounds never heal 

the kind that don't even bruise

what kinda blade don't draw blood

Wagon Boss blues

they wanna know how much further

how many ranges ahead

they hidin' hopes of a dreamer

inside a desperate head

I say a turn at a time

'til seagulls overtake crows

I take the trail as it bends

I face the breeze as it blows

what kinda people head West

the kind that don't get to choose

La Madame's orphans oppressed

Wagon Boss blues

what kinda people head West

the kind with nothin' to lose

better rollin' than at rest

Wagon Boss blues